FSBO (For Sale by Owner)
1 Listing
FSBO Multi-Pack
Up to 10 Listings
Up to 10 Listings
Up to 40 Listings
for 6 Months
for 14 Months
for 6 Months
for 14 Months
for 6 Months
for 14 Months
for 6 Months
for 14 Months
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NOTE! The Property(s) your are about to add must be Airport/Airpark property or major Waterfront (Floatplane Properties) ."Properties near airports DO NOT qualify!" Eg. Property is 10 minutes away from Airport.

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Subscription Package Descriptions

FSBO (For Sale by Owner) This package is for the individual who is looking to sell their own personal property, and is only selling a single listing.

FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Multi-Pack This package was designed for the "Land Developer" who may have more than one property or airpark listing, up to 10 listings.
Agents This package is for Real Estate professionals who have clients with aviation or waterfront properties (floatplanes), and is set up to accommodate up to 10 listings. This package was designed for individual agents only, not agencies or groups. The advantage to signing up as an agent over an agency is we will display all the agent contact information, and emails sent through our secure form will go directly to the agent, and not to the office or agency.
Agency This package was created for the agency or firm who may be interested in submitting up to 40 listings for the entire office. These listings will have agency (or Broker) contact information only, not individual agent contact information regardless of who the listing agent is.

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