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Oregon Airparks, Airport Hangars and Aviation Homes For Sale

OR18 - Davis, Adams, Oregon


OG04 - Rothrock Field, Adams, Oregon


47OR - Mc Ranch, Adel, Oregon


S12 - Albany Muni, Albany, Oregon


OR20 - Hemmingson, Albany, Oregon


4OR3 - Lambert Field, Albany, Oregon


OR21 - Miller Airstrip, Albany, Oregon


OR19 - Propst, Albany, Oregon


OR22 - Roppair, Albany, Oregon


9OR8 - Wooldridge Agstrip, Albany, Oregon


50OR - Goering Ranches, Alfalfa, Oregon


R03 - Alkali Lake State, Alkali Lake, Oregon


64OR - Plum Valley, Amity, Oregon


18OR - Red's Field, Amity, Oregon


OG44 - Watts Landing, Amity, Oregon


OG53 - Wildhorse Valley, Andrews, Oregon


2OR1 - Big Muddy Ranch, Antelope, Oregon


1S8 - Arlington Muni, Arlington, Oregon


S03 - Ashland Muni-sumner Parker Field, Ashland, Oregon


65OR - Timberland Shop, Ashland, Oregon


AST - Astoria Rgnl, Astoria, Oregon


OG03 - Columbia Memorial Hospital, Astoria, Oregon


OR23 - Karpens, Astoria, Oregon


OG56 - Station Thirty, Astoria, Oregon


OR24 - Barrett Field, Athena, Oregon


OR25 - Flying E, Aumsville, Oregon


UAO - Aurora State, Aurora, Oregon


OR71 - Columbia Aviation, Aurora, Oregon


OR68 - Columbia Helicopters, Aurora, Oregon


93OR - St Elizabeth Hospital, Baker, Oregon


BKE - Baker City Muni, Baker City, Oregon


OG45 - Bald Mountain, Baker City, Oregon


OG47 - Three Valleys Ranch, Baker City, Oregon


S05 - Bandon State, Bandon, Oregon


OR27 - Chadwick, Banks, Oregon


9OR7 - Fishback, Banks, Oregon


OG02 - Rieben, Banks, Oregon


87OR - Moondance Ranch, Beatty, Oregon


2S2 - Beaver Marsh State, Beaver Marsh, Oregon


86OR - Amber Glen Business Center Hp, Beaverton, Oregon


24OR - Beaverton Corporate Center, Beaverton, Oregon


OR00 - Flying K Ranch, Beaverton, Oregon


OR28 - Harvey's Acres, Beaverton, Oregon


53OR - St Vincent Hospital, Beaverton, Oregon


OR03 - Turel, Beaverton, Oregon


BDN - Bend Muni, Bend, Oregon


OR30 - D M Stevenson Ranch, Bend, Oregon


OR29 - Gopher Gulch, Bend, Oregon


OR15 - Horseman, Bend, Oregon


43OR - Inspiration, Bend, Oregon


5OR5 - Juniper Air Park, Bend, Oregon


OR04 - Kennel Airstrip, Bend, Oregon


8OR5 - Pilot Butte, Bend, Oregon


54OR - St Charles Medical Center, Bend, Oregon


OG05 - Sundance Meadows, Bend, Oregon


85OR - Allen's Airstrip, Bly, Oregon


80OR - Wilderness, Bly, Oregon


M50 - Boardman, Boardman, Oregon


38OR - Pge Boardman, Boardman, Oregon


OR32 - Simtag Farms, Boardman, Oregon


OR35 - Flying K Bar J Ranch, Boring, Oregon


OR72 - Krueger, Boring, Oregon


6OR7 - Schmidt, Boring, Oregon


BOK - Brookings, Brookings, Oregon


OR36 - Garvins, Brookings, Oregon


OR38 - Harchenko Industrial, Brooks, Oregon


7OR7 - Hollin, Brooks, Oregon


29OR - Smith Pvt, Brooks, Oregon


OR75 - Brownlee, Brownlee Village, Oregon


3OR1 - Cubehole, Brownsville, Oregon


9OR0 - Lafferty Field, Brownsville, Oregon


OR94 - Showa, Brownsville, Oregon


BNO - Burns Muni, Burns, Oregon


81OR - Wagontire, Burns, Oregon


OR61 - Apple Valley, Buxton, Oregon


44OR - Compton, Canby, Oregon


OR40 - Dietz Airpark, Canby, Oregon


OR41 - Workman Airpark, Canby, Oregon


CZK - Cascade Locks State, Cascade Locks, Oregon


3S4 - Illinois Valley, Cave Junction, Oregon


OG58 - Erickson Air-crane Admin Offices, Central Point, Oregon


2OG2 - Erickson Air-crane Whetstone, Central Point, Oregon


2S7 - Chiloquin State, Chiloquin, Oregon


62S - Christmas Valley, Christmas Valley, Oregon


OG06 - Table Rock, Christmas Valley, Oregon


3S6 - Toketee State, Clearwater, Oregon


OR44 - Briggs, Coburg, Oregon


OG48 - Greer, Coburg, Oregon


16OR - Pape' Bros Inc., Coburg, Oregon


OR45 - West Point, Coburg, Oregon


OR46 - Ajax, Condon, Oregon


3S9 - Condon State Pauling Fld, Condon, Oregon


OR48 - Snyder Ranch, Condon, Oregon


OR49 - Bay Area Hospital, Coos Bay, Oregon


45OR - Benham, Coquille, Oregon


OR50 - Lehman Field, Corbett, Oregon


4S4 - Skyport, Cornelius, Oregon


OG49 - Coca Cola, Corvallis, Oregon


CVO - Corvallis Muni, Corvallis, Oregon


OG01 - Dunning Vineyards, Corvallis, Oregon


OR39 - Flying Tom, Corvallis, Oregon


OR55 - Good Samaritan Hospital, Corvallis, Oregon


OR56 - Holiday, Corvallis, Oregon


8OR7 - Joyner, Corvallis, Oregon


55OR - Muddy Creek, Corvallis, Oregon


4OR4 - Schrock, Corvallis, Oregon


OR52 - Venell, Corvallis, Oregon


OR54 - Winn, Corvallis, Oregon


61S - Cottage Grove State, Cottage Grove, Oregon


OG07 - Cove Side Ranch Port, Cove, Oregon


7OR0 - Minam Lodge, Cove, Oregon


7OR1 - Arnold Airstrip, Crane, Oregon


5S2 - Crescent Lake State, Crescent Lake, Oregon


OR33 - Crescent-odell Lakes Rfpd, Crescent Lake, Oregon


77S - Hobby Field, Creswell, Oregon


OR58 - Mazama Timber Pad, Creswell, Oregon


OR57 - Walker, Creswell, Oregon


78OR - Crowley Ranch Airstrip, Crowley, Oregon


OG00 - 3 Rivers Recreation Area, Culver, Oregon


5S5 - Lake Billy Chinook State, Culver, Oregon


8OR3 - Riverview Ranch, Days Creek, Oregon


49OR - Land's Inn Ranch, Dayville, Oregon


OR13 - Wiley Creek, Dayville, Oregon


5S6 - Cape Blanco State, Denmark, Oregon


82OR - Lost Creek, Dexter, Oregon


OR08 - Barton Lake Ranch, Diamond, Oregon


66OR - Winston-dillard Fire District Station Nr 2, Dillard, Oregon


67OR - Mc Gee, Donald, Oregon


OR60 - Fargher, Dufur, Oregon


68OR - Lyda Ranch Airstrip, Dufur, Oregon


0OR5 - East Oregon Cattle Co, Eagle Point, Oregon


8OR8 - Light Valley Tree Farm, Eagle Point, Oregon


89OR - Mucky Flat, Eagle Point, Oregon


OL02 - West Buttercreek, Echo, Oregon


94OR - Farm Yard Field, Elkton, Oregon


33OR - Crow-mag, Elmira, Oregon


OR64 - Beach Ranch, Enterprise, Oregon


8S4 - Enterprise Muni, Enterprise, Oregon


05OR - Peacock Ranch, Enterprise, Oregon


6OR9 - Reds Wallowa Horse Ranch, Enterprise, Oregon


OR66 - Beaver Oaks, Estacada, Oregon


OR65 - Eagle Nest Ranch, Estacada, Oregon


OR67 - Mc Gill, Estacada, Oregon


5S9 - Valley View, Estacada, Oregon


- Valley View Airport, Estacada, Oregon


31OR - Heli-jet, Eugene, Oregon


OG32 - Mahlon Sweet Field, Eugene, Oregon


EUG - Mahlon Sweet Field, Eugene, Oregon


OR69 - Sacred Heart General Hospital, Eugene, Oregon


2OG4 - El Rancho, Fields, Oregon


OR09 - Whitehorse Ranch, Fields, Oregon


6S2 - Florence Muni, Florence, Oregon


1O0 - Lake Woahink, Florence, Oregon


4OR9 - Peace Harbor Hospital, Florence, Oregon


OG57 - Pier 126, Florence, Oregon


06OR - Hayden Mountain, Forest Grove, Oregon


OR10 - Roaring Springs Ranch, Frenchglen, Oregon


69OR - Dick Fisher, Gaston, Oregon


70OR - Goodin Creek, Gaston, Oregon


6S4 - Davis, Gates, Oregon


OR73 - Calvert Peak, Glendale, Oregon


OG41 - Nace Family Airstrip, Glendale, Oregon


S45 - Siletz Bay State, Gleneden Beach, Oregon


17OR - Glide Aero, Glide, Oregon


98TE - Hilltop, Glide, Oregon


4S1 - Gold Beach Muni, Gold Beach, Oregon


OR92 - Billiebob, Grants Pass, Oregon


3S8 - Grants Pass, Grants Pass, Oregon


OR88 - Jantzer, Grants Pass, Oregon


8OR4 - Southern Oregon General Hospital, Grants Pass, Oregon


OR74 - Winkle Bar, Grants Pass, Oregon


56OR - Mount Hood Medical Center, Gresham, Oregon


OR11 - Jensens Strip, Haines, Oregon


OG27 - Muddy Creek, Haines, Oregon


OR70 - Pine Valley, Halfway, Oregon


OG16 - Jim's Airstrip, Halsey, Oregon


26OR - Cub Port, Happy Valley, Oregon


OL03 - Happy Valley, Happy Valley, Oregon


OG50 - Cottonwood Creek Ranch, Harper, Oregon


OR78 - Daniels Field, Harrisburg, Oregon


OR79 - Knox's Private Airstrip, Harrisburg, Oregon


OG09 - Good Shepherd Hospital, Hermiston, Oregon


HRI - Hermiston Muni, Hermiston, Oregon


8OR0 - Danielson, Hillsboro, Oregon


OR81 - Olinger Airpark, Hillsboro, Oregon


7S3 - Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark, Hillsboro, Oregon


OR80 - Teufel's Farm Strip, Hillsboro, Oregon


OG46 - Tuality Hospital, Hillsboro, Oregon


OR91 - Big Bar, Homestead, Oregon


OR12 - Oxbow, Homestead, Oregon


7OR6 - Green Acres Air Park, Hood River, Oregon


OR43 - Hood River Fire Dept, Hood River, Oregon


4S2 - Ken Jernstedt Airfield, Hood River, Oregon


OR82 - United Telephone System, Hood River, Oregon


14OR - Air Columbia, Hood River, Oregon


7S9 - Lenhardt Airpark, Hubbard, Oregon


25U - Memaloose, Imnaha, Oregon


OR77 - Faust Fld, Independence, Oregon


7S5 - Independence State, Independence, Oregon


OR85 - Wigrich, Independence, Oregon


2OR6 - Lockhart, Ironside, Oregon


21OG - Ames, Jefferson, Oregon


2OR3 - Davidson Field, Jefferson, Oregon


OR86 - Gilmour Ag Air, Jefferson, Oregon


GCD - Grant Co Rgnl/ogilvie Field, John Day, Oregon


12OR - Skinner Ranch, Jordan Valley, Oregon


4S3 - Joseph State, Joseph, Oregon


OG36 - Munson, Junction City, Oregon


OR47 - Strauch Field, Junction City, Oregon


OR14 - Juntura, Juntura, Oregon


3OR9 - Murphy Ranch, Juntura, Oregon


OL04 - Decker Ranch, Kent, Oregon


OG39 - Longview Ranch, Kimberly, Oregon


OR89 - Kinzua, Kinzua, Oregon


LMT - Klamath Falls, Klamath Falls, Oregon


9OR3 - Merle West Medical Center, Klamath Falls, Oregon


LGD - La Grande/union County, La Grande, Oregon


3OR2 - Maxwell Private, La Grande, Oregon


OR84 - La Pine, La Pine, Oregon


OR90 - Lafayette Airstrip, Lafayette, Oregon


2OG3 - Wiley's, Lake Oswego, Oregon


9S3 - Lakeside State, Lakeside, Oregon


OR26 - Farr, Lakeview, Oregon


LKV - Lake County, Lakeview, Oregon


90OR - Lake District Hospital, Lakeview, Oregon


OG17 - Teed's, Lakeview, Oregon


22OG - Withrotor, Lakeview, Oregon


OG18 - Lawen Strip, Lawen, Oregon


8OR1 - Lebanon Hospital, Lebanon, Oregon


S30 - Lebanon State, Lebanon, Oregon


OG10 - Mt Hope, Lebanon, Oregon


88OR - Tallman, Lebanon, Oregon


9S9 - Lexington, Lexington, Oregon


OR93 - North Lincoln Hospital, Lincoln City, Oregon


OR07 - Miranda's Skyranch, Long Creek, Oregon


83OR - Tamarack Springs Ranch, Lostine, Oregon


OG19 - Bombay Farms, Madras, Oregon


S33 - Madras Municipal, Madras, Oregon


OG35 - Mountain View Hospital, Madras, Oregon


72OR - Ochs Private, Madras, Oregon


OG51 - Six Springs Ranch, Madras, Oregon


4S7 - Malin, Malin, Oregon


3S7 - Nehalem Bay State, Manzanita, Oregon


19OR - Nelson Ranch, Maupin, Oregon


OR95 - Vineyard, Mc Coy, Oregon


26U - Mc Dermitt State, Mc Dermitt, Oregon


00S - Mc Kenzie Bridge State, Mc Kenzie Bridge, Oregon


MMV - Mc Minnville Muni, Mc Minnville, Oregon


OG38 - Valley Medical Center, Mcminnville, Oregon


OR96 - Beagle Sky Ranch, Medford, Oregon


Properties For Sale in Sandpoint, Idaho


OR97 - Burrill, Medford, Oregon


0OR0 - Providence Hospital, Medford, Oregon


MFR - Rogue Valley Intl - Medford, Medford, Oregon


OR99 - Rogue Valley Medical Center, Medford, Oregon


OR06 - Snider Creek, Medford, Oregon


7OR2 - Basl Hill Farms, Mehama, Oregon


0OR2 - Hendershots, Merlin, Oregon


0OR3 - Long Ranch, Merrill, Oregon


0OR4 - Round Butte, Metolius, Oregon


9OR4 - King's, Milton Freewater, Oregon


OG33 - Oregon Sky Ranch, Milton Freewater, Oregon


07OR - Bruce's, Milwaukie, Oregon


04OR - Collins Landing Strip, Mitchell, Oregon


5OR1 - Helitradewinds, Molalla, Oregon


OL05 - Skydive Oregon, Molalla, Oregon


OG52 - Jpm, Monmouth, Oregon


0OR7 - Marr Field, Monmouth, Oregon


12S - Monument Muni, Monument, Oregon


0OR9 - Hanel Field, Mount Hood, Oregon


63OR - Mountaindale, Mountaindale, Oregon


4S9 - Portland-mulino, Mulino, Oregon


16S - Myrtle Creek Muni, Myrtle Creek, Oregon


OG62 - Myrtle Creek Muni, Myrtle Creek, Oregon


17S - Chehalem Airpark, Newberg, Oregon


1OR1 - Chehalem Mountain, Newberg, Oregon


OR31 - Newberg Community Hospital, Newberg, Oregon


28OR - Parrett Mountain, Newberg, Oregon


OG55 - Providence Newberg Medical Center, Newberg, Oregon


73OR - Ribbon Ridge, Newberg, Oregon


2S6 - Sportsman Airpark, Newberg, Oregon


74OR - Stan Jost, Newberg, Oregon


ONP - Newport Muni, Newport, Oregon


8OR9 - Pacific Communities Hospital, Newport, Oregon


27OR - Time Flies Pvt., Newport, Oregon


1OR2 - Menasha Pad, North Bend, Oregon


OTH - Southwest Oregon Rgnl, North Bend, Oregon


1OR0 - Sunnyhill, North Bend, Oregon


OG63 - Gilbert, North Plains, Oregon


1OR4 - North Plains, North Plains, Oregon


1OR3 - Sunset Air Strip, North Plains, Oregon


OR16 - Umpleby Ranch, North Powder, Oregon


OR42 - Norway, Norway, Oregon


75OR - Malheur Memorial Hospital, Nyssa, Oregon


2OR4 - Heavens Gate Ranch, Oakland, Oregon


60OR - Whitaker, Oakland, Oregon


13OR - Aubrey Mountain Airstrip, Oakridge, Oregon


5S0 - Oakridge State, Oakridge, Oregon


1OR5 - Reed, Olex, Oregon


5OR6 - Holy Rosary Medical Center, Ontario, Oregon


ONO - Ontario Muni, Ontario, Oregon


OG30 - Aeroacres, Oregon City, Oregon


7OR9 - Bonney Acres, Oregon City, Oregon


1OR8 - Clackamas County Redsoils, Oregon City, Oregon


1OR6 - Clackamas Heights, Oregon City, Oregon


OG20 - Fairways, Oregon City, Oregon


2OR0 - Nielsen, Oregon City, Oregon


1OR7 - Skyhill, Oregon City, Oregon


1OR9 - Willamette Falls Community Hospital, Oregon City, Oregon


28U - Owyhee Reservoir State, Owyhee, Oregon


OR83 - Oxbow, Oxbow, Oregon


PFC - Pacific City State, Pacific City, Oregon


22S - Paisley, Paisley, Oregon


46OR - Delamarter, Pendleton, Oregon


PDT - Eastern Oregon Rgnl At Pendleton, Pendleton, Oregon


OG42 - Quail Field, Pendleton, Oregon


40OR - St Anthony's Hospital, Pendleton, Oregon


24S - Pinehurst State, Pinehurst, Oregon


3OR4 - Babler Bros Inc, Portland, Oregon


7OR5 - Emanuel Hospital, Portland, Oregon


3OR3 - Hessel Tractor, Portland, Oregon


21OR - Katu, Portland, Oregon


9OR6 - Oregon Health Sciences University Emerg, Portland, Oregon


3OR0 - Pge Service Center, Portland, Oregon


9OR5 - Portland Adventist Medical Center, Portland, Oregon


61J - Portland Downtown, Portland, Oregon


PDX - Portland Intl, Portland, Oregon


HIO - Portland-hillsboro, Portland, Oregon


TTD - Portland-troutdale, Portland, Oregon


34OR - Providence Medical Center, Portland, Oregon


OG11 - Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon


9OR9 - Wallace, Portland, Oregon


76OR - Westwood Corporation, Portland, Oregon


2OR5 - Woodland Park Hospital, Portland, Oregon


2OR9 - World Trade Center, Portland, Oregon


42OR - Shotgun Ranch Airstrip, Post, Oregon


6S6 - Powers, Powers, Oregon


97OR - Hi Country No 2, Prairie City, Oregon


OR17 - Oxbow Ranch, Prairie City, Oregon


77OR - Blm, Prineville, Oregon


OG21 - Dry Creek Airpark, Prineville, Oregon


2OR2 - Pioneer Memorial Hospital, Prineville, Oregon


S39 - Prineville, Prineville, Oregon


OG12 - Wilson Ranch, Prineville, Oregon


3OR6 - Western Div Service Center, Progress, Oregon


64S - Prospect State, Prospect, Oregon


OR62 - Rainier, Rainier, Oregon


3OR7 - Trojan, Rainier, Oregon


20OR - Warner's, Redland, Oregon


62OR - Cinder Butte, Redmond, Oregon


3OR8 - Cline Falls Air Park, Redmond, Oregon


OR02 - River Run Ranch, Redmond, Oregon


RDM - Roberts Field, Redmond, Oregon


79OR - Cruse Memorial, Reedsport, Oregon


4OR0 - Springbrook, Rogue River, Oregon


0OR6 - Rome Service Airport, Rome, Oregon


REO - Rome State, Rome, Oregon


OR01 - Douglas Community Hospital, Roseburg, Oregon


95OR - Flournoy Valley, Roseburg, Oregon


5S1 - George Felt, Roseburg, Oregon


48OR - Lookingglass, Roseburg, Oregon


OG22 - Mercy Hospital, Roseburg, Oregon


OG40 - Napier Ranch, Roseburg, Oregon


RBG - Roseburg Rgnl, Roseburg, Oregon


58OR - Umpqua, Roseburg, Oregon


OG13 - Fly By Night, Ruch, Oregon


3OR5 - Elkins, Salem, Oregon


4OR5 - Fly 'n' W, Salem, Oregon


4OR7 - Lusardi Field, Salem, Oregon


4OR1 - Mcnary Arng Fld, Salem, Oregon


SLE - Mcnary Fld, Salem, Oregon


51OR - Pge, Salem, Oregon


9OR2 - Reforestation Services, Salem, Oregon


OG37 - Salem Hospital, Salem, Oregon


4OR2 - South Hill, Salem, Oregon


00OR - Steel Systems, Salem, Oregon


4OR8 - Wagoner, Salem, Oregon


4OR6 - Auberge Des Fleurs, Sandy, Oregon


S48 - Country Squire Airpark, Sandy, Oregon


OG29 - Mc Kinnon Airpark, Sandy, Oregon


03S - Sandy River, Sandy, Oregon


8S3 - Santiam Junction State, Santiam Junction, Oregon


52OR - Chinook Ultralight Airpark, Scappoose, Oregon


8OR6 - Grabhorn's, Scappoose, Oregon


SPB - Scappoose Industrial Airpark, Scappoose, Oregon


OR51 - Gillette Field, Scio, Oregon


25OR - Jack's, Scio, Oregon


OG28 - The Green Trees Ranch, Scio, Oregon


OR63 - Seaside, Seaside, Oregon


56S - Seaside Muni, Seaside, Oregon


84OR - B Bar Ranch, Selma, Oregon


5OR0 - Backachers Ranch, Selma, Oregon


7OR8 - Inshallah Intl, Seneca, Oregon


OG14 - Ponderosa Ranch, Seneca, Oregon


OR98 - Seneca Emergency Airstrip, Seneca, Oregon


OG31 - Shady Cove Airpark, Shady Cove, Oregon


OG54 - Shaniko Cattle, Shaniko, Oregon


9OR1 - Shaniko Ranch, Shaniko, Oregon


91OR - Abba's, Sheridan, Oregon


5OR2 - Bushnell, Sheridan, Oregon


98OR - Mach-o Acres, Sheridan, Oregon


OG23 - Poverty Hollow, Sheridan, Oregon


5OR3 - Siletz, Siletz, Oregon


1JY2 - Mahogany Mtn., Silver Lake, Oregon


01OR - Red & White Flying Service, Silver Lake, Oregon


08OR - Saxon Sycan, Silver Lake, Oregon


45S - Silver Lake F S Strip, Silver Lake, Oregon


22OR - Iron Crown, Silverton, Oregon


7OR4 - Pineridge Ranch, Sisters, Oregon


OG15 - Sage Ranch, Sisters, Oregon


6K5 - Sisters Eagle Air, Sisters, Oregon


61OR - The Citadel, Sisters, Oregon


OR34 - Whippet Field, Sisters, Oregon


5OR4 - Flying T Ranch, Sprague River, Oregon


41OR - Mc Will Hospital, Springfield, Oregon


23OR - Saxon's, Springfield, Oregon


36OR - Jasper Ridge Airstrip, Springfield, Oregon


37OR - Vey Sheep Ranch, Starkey, Oregon


5OR8 - Hatch, Stayton, Oregon


8OR2 - Kingston Airpark, Stayton, Oregon


5OR9 - Lone Oaks Ranch, Stayton, Oregon


5OR7 - Santiam Memorial Hospital Helistop, Stayton, Oregon


S21 - Sunriver, Sunriver, Oregon


OG24 - Flying D Ranch, Sutherlin, Oregon


11OR - Holiday Sky Ranch, Sutherlin, Oregon


57OR - Umpqua River Farm, Sutherlin, Oregon


6OR0 - Grells, Tangent, Oregon


6OR2 - Chenoweth Airpark, The Dalles, Oregon


DLS - Columbia Gorge Rgnl/the Dalles Muni, The Dalles, Oregon


7OR3 - Honald Ranch, The Dalles, Oregon


OG43 - Mid-coloumbia Fire & Rescue, The Dalles, Oregon


09OR - Mid-columbia Medical Center, The Dalles, Oregon


6OR1 - Pointers, The Dalles, Oregon


02OR - Rowena Dell, The Dalles, Oregon


OR37 - Lincoln Tower, Tigard, Oregon


OG34 - Meyer Riverside Airpark, Tigard, Oregon


TMK - Tillamook, Tillamook, Oregon


6OR3 - Tillamook County General Hospital, Tillamook, Oregon


5S4 - Toledo State, Toledo, Oregon


03OR - Powwatka Ridge, Troy, Oregon


6OR5 - Meridian Park Hospital, Tualatin, Oregon


96OR - Cable Creek Ranch, Ukiah, Oregon


59OR - Mc Nary Dam, Umatilla, Oregon


11OG - Unity, Unity, Oregon


S49 - Miller Memorial Airpark, Vale, Oregon


30OR - Bero Field, Vernonia, Oregon


10OR - Stevens Mountain, Vernonia, Oregon


05S - Vernonia Airfield, Vernonia, Oregon


R33 - Wakonda Beach State, Waldport, Oregon


99OR - Smith Mountain Ranch, Wallowa, Oregon


32OR - Pine Hollow, Wamic, Oregon


OR53 - Wapinitia, Wapinitia, Oregon


15OR - Camp Rilea, Warrenton, Oregon


35S - Wasco State, Wasco, Oregon


92OR - Pynn, West Linn, Oregon


39OR - Croman, White City, Oregon


OG25 - Firefly Ranch Airfield, White City, Oregon


0OR8 - Sutton On Rogue, White City, Oregon


2OG5 - Mendenhall Airstrip, Willamina, Oregon


OG26 - Roscoes, Willamina, Oregon


6OR6 - Wonder, Wonder, Oregon


OR05 - Flying M, Yamhill, Oregon


OR59 - Trivelpiece, Yamhill, Oregon


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