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Airparks for sale in Oklahoma, Airports in Oklahoma by FAA ID
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  Oklahoma Airparks, Airport Hangars and Aviation Homes For Sale
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Oklahoma Airparks, Airport Hangars and Aviation Homes For Sale

ADH - Ada Muni, Ada, Oklahoma


OK80 - Thomas Ranch, Ada, Oklahoma


3OK0 - Valley, Ada, Oklahoma


37OK - Valley View Hospital, Ada, Oklahoma


OK18 - Grand Isle, Adair, Oklahoma


4O6 - Cherokee, Afton, Oklahoma


3O9 - Grand Lake Rgnl, Afton, Oklahoma


79F - Teramiranda, Afton, Oklahoma


LTS - Altus Afb, Altus, Oklahoma


AXS - Altus/quartz Mountain Rgnl, Altus, Oklahoma


OK82 - Scottys Field, Altus, Oklahoma


OK83 - Sheffield-smith Airstrip, Altus, Oklahoma


91OK - Stewart, Altus, Oklahoma


AVK - Alva Rgnl, Alva, Oklahoma


OK43 - Logsdon Ranch, Alva, Oklahoma


OK54 - May Ranch, Alva, Oklahoma


OK14 - Woodlake, Alva, Oklahoma


F68 - Anadarko Muni, Anadarko, Oklahoma


80F - Antlers Muni, Antlers, Oklahoma


1F0 - Ardmore Downtown Executive, Ardmore, Oklahoma


ADM - Ardmore Muni, Ardmore, Oklahoma


OK85 - Goddard Ranch, Ardmore, Oklahoma


OK09 - Mercy Memorial Health Center, Ardmore, Oklahoma


OK62 - Strader Ranch, Ardmore, Oklahoma


OK23 - Taliaferro Field, Ardmore, Oklahoma


OK74 - Flying H, Ashland, Oklahoma


57OK - Atoka Memorial Hospital, Atoka, Oklahoma


AQR - Atoka Muni, Atoka, Oklahoma


6OK7 - Cochran Ranch, Atoka, Oklahoma


98OK - Candy Lake Estate, Avant, Oklahoma


BVO - Bartlesville Muni, Bartlesville, Oklahoma


9OK3 - Flying Eagle Estates, Bartlesville, Oklahoma


OL92 - Hi-way, Bartlesville, Oklahoma


58OK - Jane Phillips, Bartlesville, Oklahoma


K44 - Beaver Muni, Beaver, Oklahoma


46OK - Steinert Lakes, Bison, Oklahoma


2OL2 - Myers Field, Bixby, Oklahoma


BKN - Blackwell-tonkawa Muni, Blackwell, Oklahoma


6OK6 - Earl Henry, Blackwell, Oklahoma


8OK1 - Warbonnet, Blanchard, Oklahoma


17K - Boise City, Boise City, Oklahoma


59OK - Camp Gruber, Braggs, Oklahoma


1OK3 - Wolfe Field, Bray, Oklahoma


OL06 - Bristow Hospital, Bristow, Oklahoma


3F7 - Jones Memorial, Bristow, Oklahoma


1OK0 - Neversweat, Bristow, Oklahoma


84OL - Cotton Field, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


OK88 - Silverwood, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


90F - Broken Bow, Broken Bow, Oklahoma


BFK - Buffalo Muni, Buffalo, Oklahoma


96OK - Mike's Place, Buffalo, Oklahoma


37K - Falconhead, Burneyville, Oklahoma


85OL - Huscher Field, Cache, Oklahoma


OK90 - Boatner Field, Calera, Oklahoma


47OK - Harman, Calumet, Oklahoma


88OL - Pace Field, Calvin, Oklahoma


91F - Arrowhead, Canadian, Oklahoma


60OK - Carlin Lawrence, Carnegie, Oklahoma


86F - Carnegie Muni, Carnegie, Oklahoma


OL07 - Carnegie Muni Hospital, Carnegie, Oklahoma


61OK - The Highlands, Cashion, Oklahoma


O34 - Molly's Landing, Catoosa, Oklahoma


O64 - Port Of Catoosa, Catoosa, Oklahoma


63OK - Chandler Armory, Chandler, Oklahoma


CQB - Chandler Rgnl, Chandler, Oklahoma


92F - Chattanooga Sky Harbor, Chattanooga, Oklahoma


4O5 - Cherokee Muni, Cherokee, Oklahoma


CKA - Kegelman Af Aux Field, Cherokee, Oklahoma


OL08 - L.j. Pankey, Cheyenne, Oklahoma


93F - Mignon Laird Muni, Cheyenne, Oklahoma


CHK - Chickasha Muni, Chickasha, Oklahoma


6OK2 - Redhills, Chickasha, Oklahoma


95OK - Barcus Field, Claremore, Oklahoma


GCM - Claremore Rgnl, Claremore, Oklahoma


5OK1 - Claremore Rgnl Hospital, Claremore, Oklahoma


OK20 - Sageeyah Airfield, Claremore, Oklahoma


K11 - Sam Riggs Airpark, Claremore, Oklahoma


8OK3 - Cleveland Area Hospital, Cleveland, Oklahoma


95F - Cleveland Muni, Cleveland, Oklahoma


CLK - Clinton Rgnl, Clinton, Oklahoma


CSM - Clinton-sherman, Clinton, Oklahoma


5OK5 - Integris Clinton Rgnl Hospital, Clinton, Oklahoma


0OK4 - Rock Creek Farm, Coalgate, Oklahoma


08F - City Of Coalgate, Coalgate, Oklahoma


OK93 - Airman Acres, Collinsville, Oklahoma


OK58 - Bluestem, Collinsville, Oklahoma


OK45 - Collinsville Rural Fire District, Collinsville, Oklahoma


09OK - Ragtime Aerodrome, Collinsville, Oklahoma


OK94 - Sand Ridge Airpark Inc, Collinsville, Oklahoma


OK11 - Ksa Orchards, Comanche, Oklahoma


OK06 - Snake Creek Wilderness, Cookson, Oklahoma


44M - Tenkiller Lake Airpark, Cookson, Oklahoma


OL09 - Jennings Ranch, Cooperton, Oklahoma


64OK - Cordell Memorial Hospital, Cordell, Oklahoma


F36 - Cordell Muni, Cordell, Oklahoma


0OK8 - Cade's, Covington, Oklahoma


93OK - Jantzen, Coweta, Oklahoma


05OK - Hawk Haven, Crescent, Oklahoma


44OK - Sky High, Crescent, Oklahoma


CUH - Cushing Muni, Cushing, Oklahoma


OK65 - Cushing Rgnl Hospital, Cushing, Oklahoma


4OK9 - Hsi, Cushing, Oklahoma


97F - Crazy Horse Muni, Davis, Oklahoma


OK95 - Disney, Disney, Oklahoma


65OK - Lakemont Shores, Disney, Oklahoma


31OK - Siegfried Point, Disney, Oklahoma


98OL - Copland, Duncan, Oklahoma


38OK - Duncan Rgnl Hospital, Duncan, Oklahoma


DUC - Halliburton Field, Duncan, Oklahoma


OK97 - Ketchum Ranch, Duncan, Oklahoma


DUA - Eaker Field, Durant, Oklahoma


66OK - Mc Laughlin Farm, Durant, Oklahoma


OL11 - Medical Center Of Southeastern Oklahoma, Durant, Oklahoma


OK98 - King, Eakly, Oklahoma


6OK8 - Lasley Private, Eakly, Oklahoma


01OK - Lawrence, Eakly, Oklahoma


1OK8 - 5b Ranch, Edmond, Oklahoma


0OK0 - Edmond, Edmond, Oklahoma


33OK - Myrick, Edmond, Oklahoma


OL12 - Northwest Edmond, Edmond, Oklahoma


8OK2 - Baker Airstrip, El Reno, Oklahoma


99F - El Reno, El Reno, Oklahoma


RQO - El Reno Rgnl, El Reno, Oklahoma


0OK2 - Parkview Hospital, El Reno, Oklahoma


28OK - Pellar Farm, El Reno, Oklahoma


ELK - Elk City Rgnl Business, Elk City, Oklahoma


OK10 - Entropy, Elmore City, Oklahoma


0OK1 - Mckey, Elmore City, Oklahoma


OK26 - Atwoods, Enid, Oklahoma


WDG - Enid Woodring Rgnl, Enid, Oklahoma


END - Vance Afb, Enid, Oklahoma


O13 - Haddock Field, Erick, Oklahoma


OK04 - Canadian River Ranch, Eufaula, Oklahoma


9OK6 - Community Hospital Lakeview, Eufaula, Oklahoma


F08 - Eufaula Muni, Eufaula, Oklahoma


0F7 - Fountainhead Lodge Airpark, Eufaula, Oklahoma


68OK - Fairfax, Fairfax, Oklahoma


69OK - Green Country Airpark, Fairland, Oklahoma


OK16 - Fairmont Field, Fairmont, Oklahoma


6K4 - Fairview Muni, Fairview, Oklahoma


OK39 - Judy Ranch, Forgan, Oklahoma


FSI - Henry Post Aaf (fort Sill), Fort Sill, Oklahoma


FDR - Frederick Rgnl, Frederick, Oklahoma


K77 - Freedom Muni, Freedom, Oklahoma


GAG - Gage, Gage, Oklahoma


0OK3 - Mckinley Ranch, Geary, Oklahoma


1K4 - David Jay Perry, Goldsby, Oklahoma


OK02 - Dick's, Goldsby, Oklahoma


5OK4 - Pacer Field, Goldsby, Oklahoma


39OK - Paradise Air Haven, Goldsby, Oklahoma


1OK2 - Wyatt, Goldsby, Oklahoma


1O1 - Grandfield Muni, Grandfield, Oklahoma


81OK - Twin Lakes Ranch, Granite, Oklahoma


06OK - Albert Lodge, Grove, Oklahoma


8OK5 - Grove General Hospital, Grove, Oklahoma


GMJ - Grove Muni, Grove, Oklahoma


0OK5 - Chappell, Guthrie, Oklahoma


0OK6 - Ellis/harvey, Guthrie, Oklahoma


GOK - Guthrie-edmond Rgnl, Guthrie, Oklahoma


GUY - Guymon Muni, Guymon, Oklahoma


16OK - Lower Forty, Harrah, Oklahoma


1OL2 - Steciak Strip, Harrah, Oklahoma


OK25 - Cherokee Ranch, Haskell, Oklahoma


2K9 - Haskell, Haskell, Oklahoma


F32 - Healdton Muni, Healdton, Oklahoma


OK51 - Enix Boys, Hennessey, Oklahoma


F10 - Henryetta Muni, Henryetta, Oklahoma


2O8 - Hinton Muni, Hinton, Oklahoma


HBR - Hobart Rgnl, Hobart, Oklahoma


49OK - Holdenville General Hospital, Holdenville, Oklahoma


F99 - Holdenville Muni, Holdenville, Oklahoma


O35 - Hollis Muni, Hollis, Oklahoma


H92 - Hominy Muni, Hominy, Oklahoma


O45 - Hooker Muni, Hooker, Oklahoma


HHW - Stan Stamper Muni, Hugo, Oklahoma


4O4 - Mc Curtain County Rgnl, Idabel, Oklahoma


1OK4 - Mc Curtain Memorial Hospital, Idabel, Oklahoma


O18 - Buzzards Roost, Inola, Oklahoma


0K6 - Dobie's, Inola, Oklahoma


55OK - Gilstrap Field, Inola, Oklahoma


OK00 - Jacktown, Jacktown, Oklahoma


72OK - Jay, Jay, Oklahoma


62OK - Lewis North, Jay, Oklahoma


9OK7 - Cimarron Strip, Jennings, Oklahoma


0OK9 - Crystal, Jennings, Oklahoma


OL14 - Harbor's In, Ketchum, Oklahoma


1K8 - South Grand Lake Rgnl, Ketchum, Oklahoma


F92 - Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahoma


6OK0 - White, Kingfisher, Oklahoma


F31 - Lake Texoma State Park, Kingston, Oklahoma


OK66 - F.w. Zaloudek, Kremlin, Oklahoma


OK30 - Grandcraft Landing Strip, Langley, Oklahoma


O51 - Laverne Muni, Laverne, Oklahoma


18OK - Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Lawton, Oklahoma


OK07 - Djs, Lawton, Oklahoma


OK08 - Hill Top Pvt, Lawton, Oklahoma


LAW - Lawton-fort Sill Rgnl, Lawton, Oklahoma


71OK - Neuwirth Airstrip, Lawton, Oklahoma


O44 - Mc Caslin, Lexington, Oklahoma


HMY - Muldrow Ahp, Lexington, Oklahoma


3OK5 - Bearden Private Airstrip, Lindsay, Oklahoma


1K2 - Lindsay Muni, Lindsay, Oklahoma


23OK - Mash, Lindsay, Oklahoma


3OK3 - Cedar Crest, Locust Grove, Oklahoma


OK24 - Colby Field, Lone Grove, Oklahoma


1OK5 - Hohman, Lone Wolf, Oklahoma


OK55 - Bost Ranch, Luther, Oklahoma


1F4 - Madill Muni, Madill, Oklahoma


OK46 - Mc Crays, Manchester, Oklahoma


OK47 - Miller Brothers, Manchester, Oklahoma


7OK2 - Scott, Mangum, Oklahoma


2K4 - Scott Field, Mangum, Oklahoma


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1OK9 - Hankins, Marietta, Oklahoma


T40 - Mcgehee Catfish Restaurant, Marietta, Oklahoma


OK29 - Travis, Marietta, Oklahoma


74OK - W.g. Anderson Memorial, Marietta, Oklahoma


1OK7 - Grimes, Maysville, Oklahoma


MLC - Mc Alester Rgnl, Mcalester, Oklahoma


13OK - Mc Alester Rgnl Hospital, Mcalester, Oklahoma


O53 - Medford Muni, Medford, Oklahoma


4O7 - Decker Field, Meno, Oklahoma


8OK8 - Baptist Rgnl Health Center, Miami, Oklahoma


MIO - Miami Muni, Miami, Oklahoma


70OK - Old 66 Strip, Miami, Oklahoma


OL15 - Midwest City Rgnl Hospital, Midwest City, Oklahoma


2OK2 - Twin Lakes, Midwest City, Oklahoma


35OL - Henderson Farm, Mooreland, Oklahoma


MDF - Mooreland Muni, Mooreland, Oklahoma


54OK - Ambassador, Mounds, Oklahoma


OK13 - Erroport, Mounds, Oklahoma


2OK4 - Ragwing Acres, Mounds, Oklahoma


2OK5 - Ferrell Ranch, Mountain View, Oklahoma


83OK - Sweetbriar, Murry Spur, Oklahoma


15OK - Bluebird, Muskogee, Oklahoma


MKO - Davis Field, Muskogee, Oklahoma


HAX - Hatbox Field, Muskogee, Oklahoma


94OK - Muskogee Rgnl Medical Center, Muskogee, Oklahoma


2OK7 - Cole Landing Area, Newcastle, Oklahoma


76OK - Odom's Roost, Newcastle, Oklahoma


OK48 - Grass Roots, Newkirk, Oklahoma


O14 - Neil's Sky Ranch, Ninnekah, Oklahoma


5OK2 - Christopher M. Rippee Memorial, Non, Oklahoma


10OK - Hickory Hills, Norman, Oklahoma


7OK6 - Norman Rgnl Hospital, Norman, Oklahoma


OUN - University Of Oklahoma Westheimer, Norman, Oklahoma


H66 - Nowata Muni, Nowata, Oklahoma


40OK - Hilltop, Oilton, Oklahoma


3OK1 - Okarche, Okarche, Oklahoma


O65 - Christman Airfield, Okeene, Oklahoma


8OK0 - Lamle, Okeene, Oklahoma


F81 - Okemah Flying Field, Okemah, Oklahoma


41OK - 5 Alive, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


RCE - Clarence E Page Muni, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


OK03 - Downtown Airpark, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


12OK - Expressway Airpark, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


9OK0 - Governor's Mansion, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


OK19 - Integris Baptist Medical Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


5OK7 - Jernigan Drilling, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


42OK - Kwtv, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


OL16 - Mercy Health Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


8OK9 - Nu-tech Energy Co, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


77OK - Oklahoma National Guard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


9OK1 - Omh, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


97OK - Presbyterian Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


50OK - Southwest Medical Center Of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


3OK4 - St Anthony, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


HSD - Sundance Airpark, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


TIK - Tinker Afb, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


99OK - Warren Cat, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


PWA - Wiley Post, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


OKC - Will Rogers World, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


OKM - Okmulgee Rgnl, Okmulgee, Oklahoma


F09 - Olustee Muni, Olustee, Oklahoma


OK15 - Avian Country Estates, Oologah, Oklahoma


OK37 - Dog Iron Ranch, Oologah, Oklahoma


1F1 - Lake Murray State Park, Overbrook, Oklahoma


O38 - Gundys, Owasso, Oklahoma


PVJ - Pauls Valley Muni, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma


OL00 - Pauls Valley State School, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma


78OK - Pawhuska, Pawhuska, Oklahoma


H76 - Pawhuska Muni, Pawhuska, Oklahoma


H97 - Pawnee Muni, Pawnee, Oklahoma


9OK2 - Pawnee Muni Hospital, Pawnee, Oklahoma


67OK - Flying J Ranch, Peggs, Oklahoma


29OK - Ditch Witch, Perry, Oklahoma


OK38 - Perry Memorial Hospital, Perry, Oklahoma


F22 - Perry Muni, Perry, Oklahoma


PNC - Ponca City Rgnl, Ponca City, Oklahoma


OK49 - Secrest Ranch, Ponca City, Oklahoma


27OK - Thomas Landing, Ponca City, Oklahoma


O66 - Homestead Farms, Pond Creek, Oklahoma


2K1 - Pond Creek Muni, Pond Creek, Oklahoma


RKR - Robert S Kerr, Poteau, Oklahoma


OK59 - Wolf Mountain, Poteau, Oklahoma


O47 - Prague Muni, Prague, Oklahoma


7OK3 - Integris Mayes County Medical Center, Pryor, Oklahoma


OK21 - Longs Airport North, Pryor, Oklahoma


H71 - Mid-america Industrial, Pryor, Oklahoma


OK84 - Whittaker Army, Pryor, Oklahoma


3O3 - Purcell Muni - Steven E. Shephard Field, Purcell, Oklahoma


OK75 - Purcell Muni Hospital, Purcell, Oklahoma


80OK - Flying S Ranch, Reydon, Oklahoma


OK27 - Venture Aerodrome Airpark Nr 2, Roland, Oklahoma


OK34 - Gustafson, Sallisaw, Oklahoma


89OK - Neversweat Too, Sallisaw, Oklahoma


JSV - Sallisaw Muni, Sallisaw, Oklahoma


3OK7 - Double W, Sand Springs, Oklahoma


3OK8 - Flying G Ranch, Sand Springs, Oklahoma


OWP - William R. Pogue Muni, Sand Springs, Oklahoma


OL23 - Morris, Sapulpa, Oklahoma


03OK - Sahoma Lake, Sapulpa, Oklahoma


82OK - St John Sapulpa Hospital, Sapulpa, Oklahoma


3O4 - Sayre Muni, Sayre, Oklahoma


1S4 - Seiling, Seiling, Oklahoma


24OK - Columbia Seminole, Seminole, Oklahoma


SRE - Seminole Muni, Seminole, Oklahoma


0OK7 - Shattuck Hospital, Shattuck, Oklahoma


OK22 - Bluebird Airpark, Shawnee, Oklahoma


3OK9 - Jazz Ranch, Shawnee, Oklahoma


SNL - Shawnee Rgnl, Shawnee, Oklahoma


OK99 - Unity Health Center, Shawnee, Oklahoma


2F6 - Skiatook Muni, Skiatook, Oklahoma


07OK - Pleasant Valley, Snyder, Oklahoma


4O1 - Snyder, Snyder, Oklahoma


45OK - Belleview Landing, South Coffeyville, Oklahoma


22OK - Smith Field, Springer, Oklahoma


GZL - Stigler Rgnl, Stigler, Oklahoma


88OK - Hilltop, Stillwater, Oklahoma


6OK9 - Mulberry Hill, Stillwater, Oklahoma


04OK - Stillwater Medical Center, Stillwater, Oklahoma


SWO - Stillwater Rgnl, Stillwater, Oklahoma


OL17 - Stilwell Memorial Hospital, Stilwell, Oklahoma


9OK5 - Diamond C Ranch, Stratford, Oklahoma


OK86 - Stroud Hospital, Stroud, Oklahoma


SUD - Stroud Muni, Stroud, Oklahoma


OL19 - Stuart Mountain Airpark, Stuart, Oklahoma


F30 - Sulphur Muni, Sulphur, Oklahoma


6OK1 - John Reid, Tahlequah, Oklahoma


TQH - Tahlequah Muni, Tahlequah, Oklahoma


OK35 - Choctaw Indian Hospital, Talihina, Oklahoma


6F1 - Talihina Muni, Talihina, Oklahoma


36OK - Jones Air Park, Tecumseh, Oklahoma


OK79 - Temple Airport Inc, Temple, Oklahoma


K49 - Municipal, Texhoma, Oklahoma


OK31 - Whittington Ranch, Thackerville, Oklahoma


1O4 - Thomas Muni, Thomas, Oklahoma


6OK3 - Pinson's Cottonpatch, Tipton, Oklahoma


1O8 - Tipton Muni, Tipton, Oklahoma


0F9 - Tishomingo Airpark, Tishomingo, Oklahoma


OK76 - Channel 8, Tulsa, Oklahoma


7OK7 - City Of Faith, Tulsa, Oklahoma


1H6 - Harvey Young, Tulsa, Oklahoma


6OK4 - Hillcrest Medical Cntr, Tulsa, Oklahoma


3OK6 - Mauney, Tulsa, Oklahoma


OK41 - Police Civic Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma


RVS - Richard Lloyd Jones Jr, Tulsa, Oklahoma


4OK3 - St Francis Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma


7OK9 - St John, Tulsa, Oklahoma


21OK - Triad Eye Medical Clinic, Tulsa, Oklahoma


TUL - Tulsa Intl, Tulsa, Oklahoma


52OK - Tulsa Security, Tulsa, Oklahoma


4OK4 - Low Pass, Tuttle, Oklahoma


53OK - Thompson Private, Tuttle, Oklahoma


4OK5 - Newman Farm, Velma, Oklahoma


OK01 - Sky Haven Airpark/sellmeyer Field, Vera, Oklahoma


5O1 - Vici Muni, Vici, Oklahoma


86OK - Craig, Vinita, Oklahoma


5OK3 - Stearmans Roost, Vinita, Oklahoma


H04 - Vinita Muni, Vinita, Oklahoma


H68 - Hefner-easley, Wagoner, Oklahoma


87OK - Wagoner Community Hospital, Wagoner, Oklahoma


OL20 - Whitehorn Cove, Wagoner, Oklahoma


3O5 - Walters Muni, Walters, Oklahoma


JWG - Watonga Rgnl, Watonga, Oklahoma


OK50 - Traynor Ranch, Waukomis, Oklahoma


1K5 - Waynoka Muni, Waynoka, Oklahoma


OJA - Thomas P Stafford, Weatherford, Oklahoma


43OK - Biggs Skypatch, Wellston, Oklahoma


OK96 - Ives, Wellston, Oklahoma


4F1 - Westport, Westport, Oklahoma


8OL1 - Petes Airpark, Wetumka, Oklahoma


OK92 - Wetumka Hospital, Wetumka, Oklahoma


4OK8 - Austin, Wilburton, Oklahoma


08OK - Parks, Wilburton, Oklahoma


H05 - Wilburton Muni, Wilburton, Oklahoma


WWR - West Woodward, Woodward, Oklahoma


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