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Airport and airpark property for sale in Ohio. Residential airparks in aviation communities property available in Ohio.
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Ohio Aviation Real Estate, Residential Airpark Homes and Airport Hangars For Sale

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  Ohio is known as the "Birthplace of Aviation," because it is the state where Orville and Wilbur Wright were born. The Wright brothers were the first successful pilots, coming out of Dayton, Ohio, and making their first flight on December 17, 1903 in North Carolina. The are multiple major airports located in Ohio today, located in the cities of Dayton, Columbus, Toledo and Akron-Canton.

If you are exploring Ohio, one place that is recommended for aviators is the MAPS Air Museum. MAPS stands for Military Aircraft Preservation Society, and the museum holds 26 aircraft along with a variety of rare items. The museum hangar is located in Green, Ohio. Even if you are not interested in seeing what this museum has to offer, Ohio has so experiences available to pilots, and is a beautiful area to live.

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Ohio airport hangars for sale. Living in a flying community
Airpark properties in Ohio
Ohio airport and airpark real estate sold through agencies. Real estate agents, realtors, selling property in Ohio
Real estate listings in Ohio from a guide consisting of airport, airpark, airfield and waterfront properties for floatplanes
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Ohio residential airparks and airport property for sale. Find commercial airport hangars on county airports, public airports and private airstrip. Find waterfront property for floatplane and real estate agents to help you with aviation property sales.

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Ohio residential airparks, airports and waterfront real estate. Ohio waterfront property for float planes, airplane hangars and aviation property for sale.