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To find airport, airpark and airfield property in Nunavut, Canada, look no further than Aviation Acres! Waterfront properties, hangar and runway access, find it all using our real estate guide!
Airport and airpark real estate for sale in Nunavut. Residential airparks and aviation communities with property available in Nunavut.
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  Nunavut is massive. A literal definition of the province could read something like this: "The fifth largest country subdivision in the world, complete with arctic tundra, expansive mountains, and lots of water for pilots to fly over and experience in their floatplanes." Ok, so maybe we added that last bit, but it's not shocking when you look at Nunavut on a map that really, this region is an aviator's haven. There is so much land, offering practically everything you could ever look for in your scenic flights, and the journeys in the skies here are endless. Finding a home is just another perk for a pilot, because everything that's outside your front door will give you reason alone to move to this province in Canada.

People come to visit this region in order to partake in the fishing, hiking, camping and hunting that is, like the rest of Nunavut, offering endless possibilities. Check out Iqaluit while you are here, as it is the capital and hub for a variety of exciting events. In the coming of spring, some of the events include dog team and snowmobile races and a wide variety of contests (including unique ones such as harpoon-throwing and igloo building!). Again, Nunavut is massive. And, therefore, one of the first places a pilot should consider relocating to.

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