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Aviation communities with airport and airpark property available in Massachusetts. Residential airparks with real estate for sale.
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Welcome to the last residence of William P. Lear, Jr. of the Learjet

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Massachusetts Aviation Real Estate, Residential Airpark Homes and Airport Hangars For Sale

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  Massachusetts became the 6th state admitted to the Union on February 6, 1788. The state has always been historically significant, being that it had the second permanent English settlement in North America (Plymouth), it was the first state to abolish slavery, and that it has brought many politicians to national service, including the Kennedy family. Today the state is known for being a leader in health care, financial services and higher education. Geographically, the state is made up of beautiful areas such as the arm-shaped peninsula called Cape Cod, the vast Pioneer Valley and the scenic Massachusetts's Bay.

Why would an aviator move to this state? How about the 42 public-use airfields, and over 200 private landing spots? How about finding a home in the great city like Boston, Worcester, Gardner or Southbridge? How about the vast variety of landforms that are available for some flybys? There are so many reasons a pilot can have for moving to a state such as Massachusetts, its just a matter of time before the allure of the state will pull you in. Make yourself part of the history, and see how difficult it will be to ever leave again! 

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The Massachusetts Aviation Historical Society
The Massachusetts Aviation Historical Society is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization founded in 1990 to record, preserve and share, what we learn of our state's aviation heritage.
Massachusetts Aviation Frequencies
Air traffic control frequencies for your scanner, Live ATC, and Radio Scanner and Aviation information.
Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers & Salespersons
The Voice for Real Estate in Massachusetts
In today’s competitive real estate industry, it’s critical to have professional allies working for you – your success depends on it.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts' official website. Visit Mass.Gov to: find out where to renew your driver's license or file your taxes online
Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
For News and Information on Boston Massachusetts
Airport hangar and waterfront property for sale in Massachusetts
Massachusetts airpark property and airport real estate guide. Find airparks hangars and waterfront aviation real estate. Find Massachusetts runway property, airport homes, hangar lots on private airports and community airparks.
Massachusetts airport and airpark property for sale through real estate agents. Realtors from real estate agencies with listing in Massachusetts.
Massachusetts real estate guide for airport, airpark, airfield and waterfront property for floatplanes listings
Massachusetts residential airparks, airports and waterfront real estate. Massachusetts waterfront property for float planes, airplane hangars and aviation property for sale.
Massachusetts residential airparks and airport property for sale. Find commercial airport hangars on county airports, public airports and private airstrip. Find waterfront property for floatplane and real estate agents to help you with aviation property sales.

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